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Why Paint Correction?

Without much thinking, you put your cars through a lot of things. Damages such as paint scratches, rock chips, rust, worn paint from common debris and more. Every proud owner loves to take great care of their car. Here at Clearsight Detailing, we are auto detailing professionals that can bring your car’s look back to life. Removing most of the common damages your car currently has.

  • Keep your cars Value
  • Feel like you have a new car again
  • Keeps the paint looking vibrant and rich



Does your Sedan SUV Truck Boat RV Airplane currently have any damages?

Swirls or Scratches

The most common damage to paint is created by improper drying methods. Or using incorrect tools to do the job right. With Paint Correction, this will be fixed.

Bird Droppings

Believe it or not, bird droppings contain components that cause paint damage. Don't let a bird determine the look of your car.


Oxidation and Fading

With nature's constant sunlight (UV Rays), will cause your car's paint to fade. The paint will be enhanced and brought back to life with Paint Correction


Water Spot Damange

Most of the common water contains "acid" that causes paint damage when not dried properly. Paint Correction will get those water spots removed.

Real Results, Real Feedback

"Ride Looking Perfect"


If you want your ride looking perfect for the meets or look good going down the highway, then Clearsight Detailing is the place to go. I went here with my Duramax and Anthony and his crew made my truck look better than ever before.

- Darius Sewell

"Car Look New Again"


I was surprised by Anthony’s professionalism. He went above and beyond and made me feel like I made the right choice as soon as I met him. I was presented his contact from a referral and I’m happy I reached out. He did what I thought was not possible and made my car look new again. Thanks again, Anthony you did an excellent job and I look forward to working with you again in the future and gladly will pass along your business referrals.

- Garrett Michael

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