Ceramic Coating

Avoid Paint Chips and Scratches

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Why Ceramic Coating?

Want to keep your car lookin in its best condition without much maintenance? Ceramic Coating will not only help with less maintenance, but also become a permanent protection for your car. This durable clear liquid will stand against:

  • UV Rays
  • Harsh Weather Conditions
  • Preventive Paint Chips + Scratches
  • Acids
  • Paint Fading and more

Real Results, Real Feedback

"Beautiful and Fantastic Shine"


Anthony from Clearsight Detailing did a fantastic job ceramic coating my Tiguan. He labored through the day and night to get my car completed. He sent me pics and a video of his progress. The end result was a beautiful and fantastic shine. I will have to work hard at maintaining his level of detailing. Previously, he had detailed my motorcycle and after seeing the result of the ceramic coating on my car, the bike will receive the same treatment. Anthony is very professional and maintains contact with you after the work was completed to ensure everything is done accordingly and to answer any questions. A pleasure to do business with.

- J Chinn

"Car Look New Again"


I was surprised by Anthony’s professionalism. He went above and beyond and made me feel like I made the right choice as soon as I met him. I was presented his contact from a referral and I’m happy I reached out. He did what I thought was not possible and made my car look new again. Thanks again, Anthony you did an excellent job and I look forward to working with you again in the future and gladly will pass along your business referrals.

- Garrett Michael

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